History of the Tennessee Constables Association


The T.C.A was chartered June 17, 1976 with Frank Lax from Madison County as the first President. The association was started to preserve the office of constable across Tennessee. Mr. Lax traveled across the state to meet with constables and to establish a training system. This was a difficult task to organize.



In 1991 Paul Jones from Henry County was elected CEO of the T.C.A. During his tenure the T.C.A. accomplished the passing of several laws promoting the office of constable. He also made sure each section of the state continued to have in-service training and convention annually. Paul would travel to Nashville often to check on laws and to work to help stop laws that would weaken the office.



Henry Price from Sullivan County became CEO in 2005 to 2016. Henry has been active in helping solve problems in several counties across the state.



Kent Harris from Sullivan County became CEO in 2016 to 2018.


Robert Carroll became Executive Director in 2018.

The T.C.A. takes pride in having a good relationship with local and state officials, and working with and assisting all other law enforcement agencies in it’s members counties.